Bumble Bee Vapor was created by owner Chris Borrelli, a former Army man himself. Our company was founded as a means to support our military service men and women, both past and present, and we are honored to impart this new program in their honor.


In cooperation with our retail stores, we bring you the story of the men and women behind the uniform, who bravely and selflessly fight to keep us safe and enjoy a little (or a LOT) of vaping along the way. They are the quiet supporters who have helped build the vaping community and industry, and we stand with them in support.


To our military community:

Thank you for all that you do to keep us and our country safe. We are forever indebted to you for your heart and sacrifice, and we appreciate you.

You always have a place and a home in the Bumble Bee Vapor family.

Josh, United States Army

82nd Airborne, 15u

Fort Bragg, North Carolina


We are honored to introduce Josh, our very first Bumble Bee WARRIOR. Hailing from Avondale, Arizona, Josh is currently stationed at Fort Bragg where he serves as a technical inspector. He is the recipient of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, 7 Army Commendation medals, and overseas ribbons, among several other awards and medals. “I joined the military out of a sense of pride in country and always thought I would rather go to the enemy than have the enemy come here to where my friends and family are,” he writes.


Josh is the embodiment of today’s solider. He has spent a total of 14 years enlisted, with a total of 61 months spent deployed. With six more years left in his military career, he faces his responsibilities with courage, bravery, and integrity. While he admittedly misses his family and wishes to spend more time with them, he knows that his work lays the foundation of this country and keeps his loved ones safe. “Being in the military is hard at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”


We first met Josh in January 2015 when he had just returned from an overseas deployment in Afghanistan. Married for 18 years, Josh and his wife also have an 18 year old son. So despite an imminent redeployment, he was simply ecstatic to spend the holidays with his family. Thankfully, he soon learned his redeployment was cancelled, and he is currently enjoying a long overdue reunion with his family while he continues his work at Fort Bragg. In fact, during his time at home, he has shared his love of vaping with his wife who is now also enjoying everything that our industry has to offer.


Josh began vaping in 2013. The draw was simple; not only was he was effectively protecting his health, at the same time, the many flavors and devices available to him were incredibly enticing and made his venture into vaping an enjoyable one. “As a service member, we receive the same benefits as anyone else; the benefits to our health is the most important,” he explains. “This last deployment was a very important one to me. It was my first as a vaper and was the first that I was truly able to share something so positive for the rest of the soldiers.” In a highly stressful and tense environment, smoking is an extremely popular stress reliever and distraction for weary soldiers, but vaping has offered them a healthier alternative and an exciting reason to look forward to mail call.


In a short time, Josh has become an invaluable part of the Bumble Bee family. His sense of humor and charisma is prevalent in the numerous videos and posts within the Bumble Bee Hive Facebook group, and he recently formed a group for fellow military members who are interested in becoming, or are currently, vapers. His strong support of the vaping industry not only helps us all in the fight against big tobacco, but he is committed to support his military brothers and sisters in their efforts to quit smoking. When he’s not off saving the world and being a general badass (a description he modestly laughs off, but we encourage nonetheless), he enjoys playing the guitar and bass. However, he is adamant that his friends and family are the most important things in his life, and he values his quiet time with them within the privacy of his home.


As you read this, a care package is on its way to him with some Bumble Bee (to include his favorites Flagship and Strawberry Shortcake) and a gift from our friends at Vaporzz in Winchester, Virginia.


Josh, you are an inspiration not only to us but to Americans everywhere, and we are honored to have you in the Bumble Bee family. An American hero in the truest form, we stand in support of you, and you are the reason we do what we do.


We salute you.


With love and respect,


Bumble Bee Vapor


Our heartfelt thanks to our partners Vaporzz of Winchester, Virginia for their support of Bumble Bee WARRIORS.

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